Who am I?

I have been working in the IT industry professionally since 2008.
I started as a sysadmin and smoothly switched to being a backend programmer.
Most of my development work is being done with the Ruby programming language and Ruby on Rails framework, but I'm also familiar with Python and Go languages.
I was a hobby user of yolo models for image recognition and recently jumped on the AI wave as an early-adopter. I have experience with various tools such as langchain, llama_index, alpaca, LLaMa, and APIs from OpenAI, RunwayML, Stability AI and so on. I know how to combine them together to create a product and solve a business case or how to run them in your infrastructure (both on GPUs and CPUs).
Most of the time, I work remotely, but occasionally I'm being hired by local companies in Warsaw, Poland.

You can hire me if you're looking for a hacker-type entrepreneur. I am open to cooperation as a fractional CTO or fractional AI officer.

I strongly believe all experienced people should share their knowledge with the less experienced, so if you are a beginner in the IT industry and want to meet with me over coffee to discuss your further career, drop me an e-mail

I also believe in learning from others' mistakes. Based on observations and participation in the startup scene since 2008, I'll be more than happy to share my thoughts on that matter with you.
My main focus is a combination of climate solutions, AI, and robotics, all supported by software and aimed to help humanity.

When I'm building products on my own, I publish them under the brand Enyuka Ventures.
Some of my ventures:

I've also started a YouTube channel on IoT, DIY electronics, and computer vision.

Apart from strictly computer science-related activities, I'm very interested in smart cities, clean energy sources, space exploration, and autonomous vehicles (not only cars).

Occasionally I'm a speaker at various meetups and conferences:
Smart Cities - where are they? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxLiXdUah4U [PL][2016]
Microservices https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1P2dwzJd0h8 [PL][2017]

I'm also certified Google Cloud Platform Professional Cloud Architect (GCP PCA)