How can I help you?

Having issues with an existing solution that you need to fix?
Experiencing performance issues with your application?
Need to design the architecture of your application?
Want to make your company more remote-friendly?
Intend to recruit developers?
Willing to streamline cooperation between your business and development divisions?
Are you trying to get into green tech? Or looking for employees and you're a green tech company?

If your answer to any of the questions above is "Yes",  then you're at the right address. Contact me and let me know what you want to achieve.

How do I work?

I try to keep the entire process simple and clear:

1) Contact me.
2) We have a call to discuss your needs and see if I can help.
3) We sign a contract.
4) We define your goals and I  present the idea on how to get there.
5) (Optional) We do project kickoff, ideally at your company, if there are more people involved.
6) We start working together.

For kickoffs and meetings at your office, I'm open for international travel.