Linux on a laptop, 2020 edition

After 8 years of using Apple computers (mac mini and multiple MacBooks), I decided to say "Farewell" to Apple. The quality of both software and hardware when it comes to their mobile computers

Dockerize all the things!

What Docker is and what is it not. Docker is a software provided by Docker Inc - it's a technology providing containers. It provides additional abstraction layer and automation of OS level virtualization

IoT connectivity

This blog post is an addition to the YouTube video above. I'm describing different connectivity types that you can use for your Internet of Things project and present their pros and cons. Wi-Fi

Microservices - where and when?

What is it? Many people have probably seen the terms "services oriented architecture" (SOA) and microservices. If you're curious about the differences between them, there's a free ebook from O'Reilly available. Today I